Our Products

At Lumina Foods we make a number of tasty treats to complement your taste buds and senses.We make dishes to create an attractive display on your dessert table.

Carrot And Dates Cake

Get the goodness of a healthy mixture of Carrot and dates in the delicious way of baking.

Digital Printed Cake

Make your special occasions extra special with the digitally printed cake.

Chocolate Donut

Healthy chocolate donuts made with natural flour and naturally sweetened with healthy syrup.

Oats Cookies

These classic oatmeal cookies are old-fashioned style with soft centers and crisp-chewy edges.

Italian Pista Cookies

We offer flavorful and intense green colored Pistachio cookies with more butter and more sugar.

Millenium Cookies

These super soft butter cookies are full of peanut butter flavor, and naturally sweetened with honey.


I went to lumina foods in hopes to have them create the perfect cake for my boss who turned 40 this past weekend.The cake was a hit and my boss LOVED it! She is a die hard black forest fan so it was great! I can’t wait until my son’s birthday to get another cake from LUMINA FOODS! Thank you so much!!!


I had lumina foods create my beautiful wedding cake and I must say I was completely satisfied! Not only was it beautiful but it was also delicious! Thank you so much lumina food for making my wedding that much sweeter!


I just wanted to thank you for my amazing 30th birthday custom cookies! As you know, I’ve been ordering from you for years, but have never had custom cookies for myself! I was so pleasantly surprised when Chris brought my custom cookie favors to my birthday trip/party. They are so ME 🙂 You did an absolutely fantastic job with them. Thank you so much. I am a lifetime customer!


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